Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hello from the TARGETjobs Events team!

Each week we hear from hundreds of applicants trying to secure a space at one of our events. So, whether you’re a future STEMinist, interested in Investment Management, our Asia and Middle East fair or many others, we have some tips on how to make your application stand out!

1.       Write a good cover letter: Your letter should be laid out correctly and contain at least two paragraphs worth of information. We’re looking to hear a little about you and why you want to attend our event; so whether there is a certain sponsor you’re interested in meeting or a passion for the sector this is the time to tell us and stand out from other applicants!

2.       Update your CV: Include details of the grades you received both at school/college and since attending university. Most of our events require applicants to be able to display academic excellence – if it’s not included at this stage we may not have time to chase you for it.

3.       UCAS points: If you did A levels, a BTEC, IB or similar it’s likely you have UCAS points, something we ask for as part of our application form. Working them out only takes a few minutes if you use a calculator like this one and goes a long way towards making you look prepared and informed - checking ‘no’ and listing them individually does not!

4.       Attention to detail: Make sure you double check your application; have you given us the right telephone number, uploaded the right documents and included any details we have asked for.

5.       Get the name of the event right: Need I say more? Make it clear you have read the information available to you and understand what you’re applying for.

If you follow all of the above and meet the event criteria it’s almost certain we’ll be inviting you to a telephone interview before long. So, best of luck with your application and we’ll hopefully see you at an event soon!

Kat, Katy, Becca and Katie

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