Saturday, September 7, 2013

TARGETjobs News Roundup

Hello, and as always welcome to our weekly graduate career advice and news round-up. Our editorial interns are slowly trickling away pursuing their careers or returning to their studies so it’s back to me (Jackie) to bring you the latest ongoings at TARGETjobs.
There has been a lot of buzz around the construction industry in the past few weeks. We’ve done a little digging and we are here to tell you why graduates still love construction careers. 

If you love the construction industry too and are interested in becoming a quantity surveyor, here are five application tips for you by a graduate quantity surveyor. 
Talking of quantity surveying applications, make sure you know you know your consultancies from your contractors 
And if you’ve been following us on Twitter @TjobsBuilding, you’ll see that we’ve been talking a lot about Open Doors, taking place on 27–28 September. If you are really interested in construction here are some reasons why you should tryto get involved.
Moving away from construction news:
-         If you are interested in retail banking or insurance but don’t have a numerical degree, don’t let this put you off. A non-numerical degree background appeals to employers. 
-         If you are thinking of going down the financial planning and wealth management career path, make sure you know exactly what it entails 
-         And, finally, ever thought of doing postgraduate study in retail? Find out what is available and if you need it. 

And, as always, here are next week’s graduate jobs deadlines 
One last thing: if you are following Alan Radbourne’s One Pound Challenge, you will be pleased to know that on week 13 he has achieved a total of £4027.46. If you want real-time updates from the man himself follow him on Twitter, or read his blog. 

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