Monday, September 16, 2013

IT's not just for the boys - Top tips on the day!

Name: Jennifer Allerton
University: University of Southampton
Course: Physics
Event: IT’s not just for the boys!

The IT’s not just for the boys! event is a celebration of women in technology and computing; a networking event with talks, panels and workshops. I found out about it from a friend who had been the previous year and recommended it, so I decided, what do I have to lose? Writing my application didn't exactly seem daunting when I started, because I thought about the reasons I wanted to go, and I imagined the day in my head, and as I wrote it, I gained more confidence in the idea that it would suit me.

  • For me, the day was about the people I would meet. There were companies, and workshops, and questions and answers about working in computing and technology – plenty of information available to be soaked up. But I was interested most of all in the individuals, the women themselves. I have always undersold myself, put myself down and failed to see how clever I am. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and my self confidence has never been high when it comes to my worth and intelligence, but my confidence with people is good; I love to speak to people. The best part is they’re all real, they've all been in similar places, they all have their own experiences; they won’t judge you. Not for being nervous, or for asking a question, or for being you. So that brings me to my first and most important top tip for the day: Talk to people!
  • My next top tip would be to plan as much as you can in advance. On the day, I caught a train and walked from the station. The event was at Bloomberg, in Finsbury Square. Google maps told me the way from the train station to the building, so I printed off a copy and took it in my bag. I worked out roughly how long the walk would take me, assuming I would not want to rush – it would only make you feel stressed to have walked as fast as humanly possible to the event to get there 5 minutes before the start. I always like to leave plenty of time. (In fact, I even stopped at Starbucks on the way! – such a consumer dummy). I then booked my train ticket accordingly for the right time.

  • Final top tip: get plenty of sleep. Especially if, like I did, you have a trek to make in the morning, and are possibly also nervous, it will definitely help. My personal recommendation? Green tea, scented candles and meditation. And when you get home after the day is over, feeling super-pleased with yourself for getting really involved, listening, soaking it all up, talking to lots of people and building on your idea of what on Earth you want to do with your life, a cup of hot chocolate is definitely in order. 
Because what did I learn from the day? Appreciate yourself, and reward yourself. Because you rock. 

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