Wednesday, September 11, 2013

National Schools' Challenge Finalist Top Tips!!

Elliot came third in last year's National Schools' Challenge - read here to find out how he got there and how you could too!

Full name: Elliot Briery
Age: 17
School attended: Sevenoaks School

Tell us about why you entered the competition

My name is Elliot Briery and I had been studying at Sevenoaks School for just a few months when I was confronted with the opportunity of participating in the challenge. My Economics teacher was rather keen about it and motivated me to take part, but I guess the real reason why I took part was because my roommate did. Indeed we tend to get quite competitive, and I just had to put a score up there to see how well I could (for those interested, he beat me on the online part, but karma got my back by making me come on top at the end of the final).  The final was an… interesting experience. I enjoyed the challenges very much but sometimes competitiveness was so strong that participants forgot the cooperative/social aspect of the whole experience.

Top tips for preparing for the challenge

For the online part, be alert and think fast. You don’t have much time, you shouldn't waste it. Make sure you are rested and alone in the room with minimal disturbance. Otherwise it’s all up to you.

For the final itself, I didn't do anything to prepare except making sure I had a good night’s sleep. The challenges are designed so that you need very little prior knowledge. Make sure you have your best smile and attitude on; friends will be your allies in succeeding.

What are your goals for your future?
I am pretty much set on going to university, studying the fields of Politics/Economics/Philosophy either in the US or in the UK. My goal is going to sound quite generic, but it is one I have found to be most rewarding: put a smile on the faces around me. Thankfully, there are many ways to do that. Otherwise, my free spirited nature means it is very hard to predict where I am going to end up.

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