Friday, September 20, 2013

Find out what a past Engineer your future attendee thought of the event!

Name: Nicola Berry
University: Leeds Metropolitan University
Course: Civil Engineering
Event/s attended: Engineer your Future

This July, representing 50% of the female population of full time students in my year, I graduated from Leeds Metropolitan with a 2.1 in Civil Engineering, cap thrown into the air and all…

As many of you may be realising, balancing your final year and filling in those dreaded graduate job/scheme applications at the same time can certainly be a challenge
. It was during a Sunday morning job search session that I came across the Target Jobs event page.

After putting the same effort into the event application as I would for a job (including a telephone interview – Great practice!), I was invited to attended the ‘Engineer your Future’ event that was hosted at the Shell offices in London and specifically for female students in the Engineering field. I think it is important to address that as it goes, sex is no longer an important factor in the working world. A life progression that I am well aware of having been brought up in the Isle of Man that happens to boast not only the longest active parliament but also the first female vote. So my initial advice is, if you want to strive for those STEM subjects’ girls, go for it. After all, if the Spice Girls taught us anything “Girl Power” is certainly up there!
Being one of two female engineers on my course it was the most relieving and also intimidating experience to be grouped together with two hundred other female engineers, all dressed to impress and wearing their name badges proudly.

Sat on a table with students from Warwick, UCL and Cambridge, I did at first feel like I didn't belong as I wasn't representing a red brick University myself and it was incredibly reassuring to hear that all of us had gone through the same application, studied the same modules, and shared goals, aspirations and struggles.
As well as being introduced to my new ongoing friendships, the day involved inspiring speeches from numerous iconic women in Engineering, life coaches (yes, we did have to get happy clappy) and had the opportunity to get involved in workshops with recruiters from many large corporations, of which I was in the process of applying to many of! We received advice, contacts and important information on their individual recruitment processes. It is important to let your personality and passions show. Speak up, make friends and shine!

From this initial event, along with approximately ten other girls, I was lucky enough to be invited to EDF’s first UK annual Energy Day Event. Not only did I get the VIP London eye experience and a delicious meal, I was in the company and conversations of recruiters, engineers and managers of a company that I do hope to be apart of. I received the advice, connections and an insight into my potential future career.

As it stands, I am currently living in Paris learning a new language in the city where the EDF headquarters are located and I will be using my new connections and making an application.

We live in a world where opportunities are becoming endless if you are willing to embrace them. So my advice to all would be to take every opportunity that comes your way and not to let the grass grow around your feet. I learnt that passion and enthusiasm does not go un-appreciated. It was this same positive attitude that gave me the opportunity to travel to Malawi, Africa and help volunteer on a Civil Engineering project this summer. 

Target Jobs hosts events for everyone and also provides information for upcoming jobs. Get pro-active and help develop the life and career you want!

Well said Nicola! If you're now feeling inspired and want to attend our next Engineer your future event in November, CLICK HERE to apply now!

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